Project Edge

An Energy Marketplace Trial for the Electricity Grid of the Future.

One outcome from Project Edge will be an electricity trading project to prove a way that excess electricity from home and business solar systems and batteries can be sold to others on the grid. There’s a lot of technical detail “under the hood”, and you can investigate that by following the link below.

Mondo Energy, the company running Edge, needs to access solar and battery systems across the Hume Region for the project. More systems are needed than are installed at the moment, so Mondo and the Victorian Government will help homeowners and businesses install systems for use in the trial.

Because it is a trial, you won’t actually sell your electricity, but Mondo will pay $1,000 towards the cost of setting up your system and using it for the trial. Also, If you haven’t had money from Solar Victoria before, installing a battery for use in Project Edge will get you about another $4,100 from Solar Victoria.

You can quit the project anytime you like, starting in December 2022, but if you stay with it, Mondo will give participation payments totalling $1000 over the life of the trial. There’s no commitment beyond the few months of the trial period.

So total help comes to over $6,000.

A solar and battery system suitable for Project Edge would probably cost in the region of $15,000. Mondo and Solar Victoria’s contributions could bring that down to around $9,000. Every installation is different, and no obligation quotes from one of Mondo accredited installers would be tailored for your situation.

A device called an Ubi, which Mondo uses to manage your solar and battery for the trial, is also installed, but at no cost to you. The Ubi stays with you afterwards too.

For more information, and to express interest,

Here’s a 20 minute video explaining the project : 

Wangaratta Landcare and Sustainability is promoting this trial because if you’ve got solar and batteries your house will use much less grid electricity. That reduces carbon emissions and helps the environment which sustains us, and that’s the purpose of Wangaratta Landcare and Sustainability.

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