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Sustainable House Day/Month September20 - October 17

BUILDING OR RENOVATING? – For all those interested in energy efficient, passive solar designed,  sustainable housing, there’s a lot on offer over the next few weeks.

What’s  on

  •  Each Friday the Chronicle will feature storiesnof WLS members who have, or are planning to build or renovate their home to be more comfortable, sustainable and energy efficient – be inspired!!
  • Oct 14 – “Chat with a Local” – here’s an opportunity to ask questions and learn from these WLS members about their building and renovating experiences, and to be encouraged to start, or continue your sustainable housing journey. Details will be posted on the council website, pending Covid rules.
  • Rural City of Wangaratta website – for tips on creating a home that is energy efficient, comfortable in all seasons, and cheaper to run, whether you are building or renovating, renting or buying, go to –
  • Display of ideas on creating sustainable homes in the Rural City of Wangaratta foyer.
  • TBD – for WLS members only (pending Covid rules) – home visits to some WLS members sustainable homes?

What’s on Australia-wide? 


  • Online program, need to register, fee ~$10 each, or $60 for 9 sessions

WEEK 1 –

  • Tues Sept 21, 6-8pm – “Designing for sustainability”
  • Wed Sept 22, 6-8pm “Using Energy Star ratings to design your sustainable dream home”
  • Thurs Sept 23, 6-8pm “Working with sustainable builders”            

WEEK 2 –

  • Tues Sept 28, 6-8pm “Going all electric”
  • Thurs Sept 30, 6-8pm “Insulation and energy efficiency”

WEEK 3 –

  • Tues Oct 5, 6-8pm “Building with natural materials” eg. strawbale, rammed earth, hempcrete.
  • Thurs Oct 7, 6-8pm “All about windows”


  • Tues Oct 12, 6-8pm “Using water sustainably”
  • Thurs Oct 14, 6-8pm “Sustainable heating and cooling”

around Australia – see calendar on website                       


FREE online sessions at homes across Australia

  • 10am – “Getting started – finding a sustainable builder or architect”
  • 11am – “Do it yourself – Owner-building”
  • 12am – “Creating sustainable communities: Ecovillages and co-housing”
  • 1pm – “Running on sun: Using solar energy at home”
  • 2pm – “Design for life: Accessibility and ageing in place”
  • 3pm – “Maximum efficiency: Lowering your energy bills”
  • 4pm – “On the cheap: Sustainability on a budget” – “Green rebuild toolkit: Building and retrofitting
    for fire resilience”

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We are committed to helping our local community value our natural resources. We encourage knowledge and resource sharing to find solutions and achieve practical outcomes.

Wangaratta Landcare and Sustainability Inc. (WLS) is the result of an integration of the Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group and Wangaratta Sustainability Network. WLSI networks with other Landcare and Sustainability groups in our region.

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We care for the environment that sustains us by providing opportunities for community participation and education.

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We focus our attention on:

solar system, roof, power generation

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Mitigation, adaptation, advocacy.

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WLSI networks with other Landcare and Sustainability groups in our region.

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